Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cranberry Sauce.  I have a weakness for cranberry sauce.  Initially, I think I might have been beguiled by the ridges left by the aluminum can and the sound of that suctioned "pop" as it was released from its cylinder prison. I never understood why it was confined to Thanksgiving.  It was dinner-dessert (not to be confused with dessert-for-dinner, which was an even rarer event), but a sanctioned substance that was oh so right with mashed potatoes, poultry, lamb, green beans, anything dinner-y.  Thanksgivings of college life exposed other traditions, sans can, but with hefty helpings various sauces of the cran.  

I took notes.

It's super easy.  One Ocean Spray package, one cup of sugar, one cup of water and boil 'till they pop, and I've got cranberry sauce whenever I'd like. Because the recipe is so simple, I improvise often - orange zest or walnuts or minced jalepeno (I'm shimmying my shoulders over that one).  The latest is cranberry sauce as a spread.  I boil for about 15 minutes (instead of 10) let cool and the consistently rivals a preserve.  I spread Purple Haze Goat Cheese on a Wasa crisp bread and top with my cranberry concoction, and I tell you what... 

Why TWERKTRON.comBecause, almost every experience, or object, or sensation, or location, that I've truly adored, has, in the retelling, been accompanied with a little dance.  

Butter pecan ice cream?  A snap and a two step.  
Austria for the first time? A fierce runway topped with a spin.
A purple velvet frock purchased ON SALE? The Wop, for days.

In fact, just the anticipation of such simple human pleasures could incite choreography of 16 counts.  Five, six, five, six, seven, eight... So, I thought why not join the legions of folks who are propagating our internets with their "most favorites", cherished and discovered.  Ain't gonna hurt nobody - I just figured you might wanna dance too...